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Score 100% in Social Science – Pre-Boards to CBSE 2023 Boards

Horizon Academy neet coaching in Yamuna Vihar east Delhi as we observe class 10th Board Exams is one of the biggest achievements in a student’s life Because after the result it helps the student decide the career. Hence, it is crucial to prepare well for the CBSE 10th board exams with effective planning and timely practice. While preparing, students often devote maximum time to Science and Maths and often get perplexed by the vast syllabus of Social Science.

Social Science is divided into History & SST During Social Science exam preparation, students should give equal priority to each section. Since it’s a theoretical subject, the preparation demands short and repeated cycles of revision.

Focus on exam preparation tips including what to study when to study and how to study effectively.

Understand the Exam Syllabus & Pattern

The present syllabus of the CBSE 10 Social Science Exam has been designed around four broad themes-

India and the Contemporary World – II

Contemporary India – II

Democratic Politics – II

Understanding Economic Development

The Marks are evenly distributed in four themes.

The Typology of Questions:

 Remembering and Understanding:  28 Marks
 Application:  15 Marks
 Formulate, Analyse, Evaluation & Creativity:  32 Marks
 Map Skill:  05 Marks

Total marks = 80 | Duration = 3 hrs.

Deleted Chapters/Topics

As per CBSE, some chapters/topics have been deleted in Social Science. Chapters deleted from Democratic Politics-II are:

  Section     No. of     Questions  Type of Question             Marks   Nature of Questions
 Section A 20 MCQs along with Assertion-Reasoning, Chronological order, Match the following types of questions 1 mark each Questions in this section are conceptual as well as factual.
 Section B 4 Very Short answer type questions         2 marks each Questions in this section are direct and factual.
 Section C 5 Short answer type questions         3 marks each Questions in this section are conceptual as well as factual.
 Section D 4 Long answer type questions         5 marks each Questions in this section are understanding and analysis based. Answers are to be written in points.
 Section E 3 Source-based/case-based units of assessment 4 marks each (includes three sub-parts) The source/extract is from NCERT books. Answers may not lie directly in the source/extract. The answers require an understanding of the chapter.
 Section F 1 Map based question 5 marks One question is from History – asking for the identification of two places (2 marks) and one question is from Geography – asking for the location and labeling of three features (3 marks)


Chapter 3: Democracy and Diversity

Chapter 5: Popular Struggles and Movements

Chapter 8: Challenges to Democracy

Apart from this, some topics/boxes have been deleted from Geography and Political Science

So, go through the rationalized content as released by CBSE.

Plan Section-Wise Revision with NCERT

Almost equal weightage is given to all four subjects. Carefully memorize the summary of each lesson. You may also create mnemonics to recall factual data. Flowcharts can also be created to remember concepts in a concise manner ensuring proper revision of NCERT textbooks. Do not forget to solve examples and back exercises of each chapter from the NCERT.

Learn Through Mock Papers:

Practice the available Model Test Papers based on the new pattern in the stipulated time frame. Pay special attention to the assertion-reason type of questions. As per the sample paper issued by CBSE, more analytical-type questions were asked. So it is very important to understand the concepts thoroughly to attempt such questions.

 Key Points to Remember: 

  • Try to interrelate chapters to develop a better understanding of concepts.
  • Write answers in points.
  • Underline important words.
  • Give special focus on map questions as this is a high-scoring area.


Horizon Academy neet Institute in Yamuna Vihar east Delhi to try to serve you a plan before the board Exam so that you can be prepared to perform well. As the best medical coaching in Yamuna Vihar east Delhi tries to motivate our students.   

Hope these tips prove beneficial for your preparation. Good luck with your Board exam!How You Can Find Us

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