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Excelling In English Examination From Pre-board to Board 

Horizon Academy Neet coaching in Yamuna Vihar east Delhi as usual again write something for our students. Excelling In English Examination From Pre-board to Board: Class 10 CBSE is a daunting time for most students as the fear of Board examinations increases and students scramble to make sure they are prepared to face the exams. English is one of those subjects where scoring marks is relatively easy if one puts in the effort and dedicates an appropriate amount of time to reading the lessons. 

Let’s understand the most effective way to help you grow your preparation for the English Pre-Board and Board Exam. 

Paper Pattern & Analyse Syllabus

consists of three sections and 9 questions. All questions are compulsory.

Section–A: Reading: Question no. I and II carry Ten Very short answer-type questions/MCQs of 1 mark each per passage.

Section–B: Grammar & Writing: Question no. III is grammar based. It carries Ten Very short answer-type questions/MCQs of 1 mark each. Question no. IV  is Writing based and comprises Two Long Answer type questions, carrying 5 marks each. Answers should not exceed 100-150 words.

 Section–C: Literature: Question no. V carries Ten Very Short Answer type questions/MCQs based on two extracts from prose and poetry. Question no. VI & VII carry Six Short answer type questions of 3 marks each. Answers to each question should not exceed 40-50 words. Question no. VIII & IX carry Two Long answer type questions, carrying 6 marks each. Answers to each question should not exceed 100-120 words.

Please note, internal choices will be provided in some questions. Choose the alternatives carefully as per the marks allotted.

Total marks = 80 | Duration = 3 hrs.

Removed chapters/topics

As per CBSE, some chapters have been removed in English Literature as follows:

  1. Hundred Dresses – I
  2. Hundred Dresses – II
  3. Animals
  4. The Hack Driver

Section-Wise Tips to Remember:

Literature: Thorough revision of Literature chapters and poetry sections is a must. Read each line carefully to remember key details. Do not focus on merely remembering the summary of the chapters. Instead, do a line-by-line analysis of all implied idea-based questions that can be asked in the paper. Revise all the literary devices and figures of speech used in both prose and poetry sections. 

Writing: Learn the formats of Letters properly and stick to formal tone and expression. Do not use a fancy, verbose writing style. Stick to a comprehensive, clear, and logical style of argumentation. For analytical paragraphs, use comparative phrases while preparing the report based on bar graphs, pie charts, etc. The conclusion of the report must be given in clear words, rather than using fancy quotes or idioms.

Reading Comprehension: Read the questions thoroughly before reading the passage in its entirety. Don’t get nervous if the passage is long or carries difficult vocabulary. Skip irrelevant information as per questions asked and understand the thought flow in order to find the most appropriate answers. Read the options carefully in MCQs and eliminate the wrong answers based on evidence from the passage.

Grammar: Practice Editing, Omission, and Gap-filling questions based on tenses, subject-verb agreement, prepositions, and other parts of speech. Do not worry about punctuation or spelling errors. Sentence Transformation questions based on Voice Change, Direct and Indirect Speech must be carefully practiced in dialogue conversion and process writing format.

Understand the main idea of the questions well enough. Write short answers in a single paragraph and long answers in two to three paragraphs. The accuracy of writing should not be ignored while focusing on value points. Do not include lengthy summaries of the chapters unnecessarily while writing answers. 

Solve Mock Papers to learn Time Management:

Practice mock papers in order to familiarise yourself with the updated paper pattern and learn time management. The sample papers give you a glimpse of a variety of questions that can be anticipated in the Pre-Boards & Board exams, and thereby boost your readiness before the paper. Attempt the paper with a strategy that suits your paper attempting style. Always begin with questions you are most confident about to gain confidence. Once you have covered a major set of questions, proceed with the questions that take more reading time.


Horizon Academy Neet Institute in Yamuna Vihar east Delhi always brought something which can help our students so that they don’t get panic before the exams. They just need to read this article which Horizon Academy medical coaching in Yamuna Vihar east Delhi is published for you and understand the complete syllabus.  How You Can Find Us

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