It took us years of research and numerous surveys before we finally founded HORIZON ACADEMY in Yamuna Vihar on ………… 2003. Our toil didn’t go futile as we started to rise with each passing day since our inception. Since we had a very clear notion of what we wanted to impart to our students, we readily hit the deck in the very first year with a thick number of students making it to the top medical and engineering colleges. We never looked back since then and have now become the pioneer in the field of Medical & Engineering Entrance training. Horizon Institute in Yamuna Vihar is now the most preferred choice for students, who want to build a strong foundation for their higher studies in Engineering & Medical or achieve top ranks in competitive exams to make their future bright.

Horizon Academy in Yamuna Vihar stands analogous to excellence in education. We pledge to inculcate all the desired changes that are required to keep our students abreast in this world of ruthless competition. As best neet and jee institute in Yamuna vihar ensure to provide a learning environment that outspreads education beyond the restrains of the conventional classrooms. We at Horizon understand that education is the most persuasive armament to aid the desired revolution in the social order and to contribute to society at large.


At Horizon, our vision is to become the paramount and trustworthy marque in the Medical & Engineering Training. Our presence shall guarantee to turn the dreams of our students into veracity. Our diligence must ensure that none of our students ever fails to make it to the pinnacle.


We are single-mindedly focused to unlock the prospects for unimaginable success at Medical & Engineering Entrances for our students and in order to crack this mission we will always be at our toes and will not leave any stone unturned. At Horizon we pledge to create that enthusiastic environment that will keep our learners upbeat and motivated to realize their dreams of becoming the doctors and engineers who will have the courage and ability to give back to the society.   

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