NATA vs JEE Main Paper 2

NATA vs JEE Main Paper 2: Choosing the Right Path for Your Architectural Journey


NATA vs JEE Main Paper 2: Embarking on a career in architecture is a thrilling endeavor that requires a unique combination of artistic creativity and technical proficiency. In India, aspiring architects have the opportunity to pursue their dreams through two primary entrance exams: the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) and the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main Paper 2. In this article, Horizon Academy in Yamuna vihar will explore the key differences between these exams, helping you make an informed decision about which path to choose.

What is NATA?

The National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) is a national-level entrance exam conducted by the prestigious National Institute of Design (NID). It is specifically designed to assess the aptitude of candidates seeking admission to architecture courses in India. NATA consists of two parts. Part 1 evaluates a candidate’s drawing skills, while Part 2 comprises a multiple-choice test focusing on subjects such as visual perception, aesthetics, architectural awareness, and basic mathematics. NATA aims to gauge a candidate’s creative and analytical abilities, along with their understanding of architectural concepts.

What is JEE Main Paper 2?

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main Paper 2 is a specialized section of the JEE Main, which is primarily known as an entrance exam for engineering courses in India. However, JEE Main Paper 2 caters specifically to students aspiring to pursue architecture. The exam evaluates candidates through a multiple-choice format, encompassing mathematics, aptitude, and drawing. JEE Main Paper 2 aims to assess a candidate’s mathematical and analytical skills, as well as their ability to think critically and visualize spatial relationships.

Differences Between NATA and JEE Main Paper 2

When comparing NATA and JEE Main Paper 2, several key differences emerge:

  • Syllabus:

NATA places a strong emphasis on drawing skills, visual perception, aesthetics, architectural awareness, and basic mathematics. It focuses on nurturing a candidate’s creativity, design sensibility, and understanding of architectural principles.

On the other hand, JEE Main Paper 2 also includes drawing and aesthetics but places greater emphasis on mathematics and aptitude. It caters to candidates who possess strong analytical and problem-solving skills, preparing them for the technical aspects of architecture.

  • Format:

NATA consists of two parts, allowing candidates to showcase their drawing skills and knowledge through separate sections. Part 1 assesses a candidate’s ability to sketch, draw, and visualize three-dimensional objects, while Part 2 evaluates their understanding of architectural concepts through a multiple-choice test.

In contrast, JEE Main Paper 2 is a single-part exam, encompassing all subjects within a single test. It tests a candidate’s mathematical ability, aptitude, and drawing skills in a comprehensive manner.

  • Weightage:

NATA is considered a 100% qualifying exam, meaning that candidates must meet the prescribed qualifying marks to secure admission. It serves as the sole basis for admission to architecture courses in many institutes. In contrast,

JEE Main Paper 2 contributes only 50% towards the qualifying criteria, with additional weightage given to the candidate’s Class 12th board exam results. This means that JEE Main Paper 2 score is combined with the board exam score to determine the overall merit for admission.

  • Eligibility:

The eligibility criteria for NATA and JEE Main Paper 2 differ slightly. NATA requires candidates to have passed the 10+2 level or equivalent examination with mathematics as a compulsory subject. However, there is no minimum percentage requirement for the qualifying exam.

On the other hand, JEE Main Paper 2 mandates candidates to have qualified for the Class 12th examination or its equivalent. They must have secured a minimum percentage as specified by the conducting authority.

Which Exam Should You Take?

Choosing the right exam largely depends on your individual strengths, interests, and career aspirations. If you possess strong artistic abilities, have a keen eye for aesthetics, and enjoy expressing your ideas through visual mediums, NATA may be the ideal choice for you. NATA provides a platform for showcasing your drawing skills and creative acumen, allowing you to delve deeper into the artistic side of architecture. It encourages a holistic approach to architectural design, emphasizing the importance of creativity, imagination, and visual expression.


Conversely, if you excel in mathematics, possess analytical thinking, and are inclined towards a more technical approach to architecture, JEE Main Paper 2 might be a better fit. This exam places a greater emphasis on problem-solving, mathematical aptitude, and logical reasoning, preparing you for the challenges of a technically-oriented architectural career. It equips you with the necessary skills to understand complex architectural structures, analyze spatial relationships, and apply mathematical principles in designing innovative structures.


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Additional tips from Horizon coaching institute in Yamuna Vihar to crack an architecture exam:

  • Get familiar with the exam format and pattern. This will help you understand what to expect on the exam day and how to pace yourself.
  • Take practice tests. This is the best way to assess your strengths and weaknesses and to identify areas where you need to improve. you can practice weekly tests with the Horizon coaching center in Yamuna vihar.
  • Find a study buddy. This will help you stay motivated toward your goal and be a great way to learn from each other.
  • Feel free to ask for help. Contact your teacher, tutor, or classmate for assistance if you’re struggling with a particular concept. experienced mentors will be guiding you at Horizon coaching institute in yamuna vihar
  • Manage your time wisely. This is especially important for the drawing section of the exam, as you’ll need to be able to complete your drawings in a limited amount of time.
  • Stay calm. This may seem obvious, but staying calm and focused on the task is essential. If you start to feel stressed, take a few deep breaths and remind yourself that you’ve prepared well.

Some additional tips that are specific to the NATA exam:

  • Pay attention to the details. The NATA exam is known for its attention to detail, so it’s essential to read the questions carefully and ensure that you’re answering the question being asked.
  • Be familiar with the drawing tools and materials that will be provided. The NATA exam offers drawing tools and materials, so you must familiarize yourself with them before the exam.
  • Practice drawing freehand. The NATA exam does not allow rulers or other measuring devices, so it’s important to practice drawing freehand.
  • Be creative. The NATA exam seeks your creativity and ability to think outside the box.


Both NATA and JEE Main Paper 2 offer aspiring architects a gateway to their desired courses in India. To make an informed decision, it is crucial to thoroughly research the syllabus, exam format, and eligibility criteria of both exams. Take into account your strengths, interests, and long-term goals to align your choice with the path that resonates most with you.

Remember, the journey toward a successful architectural career requires passion, dedication, and continuous learning. By selecting the right entrance exam, you can lay a solid foundation for your future endeavors and embark on a fulfilling journey toward becoming a skilled architect.

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