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Start Early – Beat the Competition


Who starts early,

Stays focussed,

Persists with grit


Remains optimistic during odds

is bound to



The institution has been persistently performing the noble task of imparting interactive, comprehensive, and quality education to the medical & engineering aspirants, right since 2003.

Each year, since its infancy, the results delivered by the institution have been a matter of great pride & are entitled to standing applause & ovation.

The recent results of NEET & JEE (Main & Advanced)  are the true reflection of these achievements… & yet many more milestones await us. 

The faculty & the administration & the other workforce of the institution surely deserve a pat on the back for their out-of-the-box thinking & well-organized execution of the same. They are the true helmsmen of our ship!!!

The students who have been constantly registering success & thus making their mentors & parents proud too must be acknowledged for their contribution to our outstanding success.

Founded with the motto of ‘ACTION SILENCES ALL’ we are the firm believers of 3P’s (Precision, Particularity & Performance) & do commit to delivering the best through our innovative, administrative think tank backed by hugely talented mentors as executors.

Lastly, I wish the faculty, administration, students & the workforce good luck & Godspeed.


Let’s hit the summits still untouched.

Late Shri Shyam Gupta 


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