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For many candidates, Class XI is considered the best time because during these two years, along with the class subjects, you can go hand and hand with the JEE syllabus. So, by the time you complete your Class 12th, it will be a good time to go full focus on JEE.

Well, Well, Well, if you are wondering how you must start preparing for IIT JEE from Class XII, Horizon Academy which is the Best Institute for JEE Preparation In Yamuna Vihar Delhi that provides the Best Classes for IIT and will tell you if you can make it possible to do it!

Understand the complete syllabus for JEE

First, get hold of the JEE syllabus to crack the IIT JEE exam and make a list of all the topics you need to study. You must go through all the subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, and pick out all the important topics related to the JEE syllabus. It includes lessons from your Class 11th and 12th, and that is why most candidates find Class 11 the best time to start preparing. The syllabus for JEE Main and JEE advanced are almost similar for both exams so you need not prepare one by one for it.

Research the right books, Notes, and materials for the study

There are many platforms where you can get data for your preparation such as JEE preparation books, or you may look for any institution that provides good coaching for JEE. There are several IIT Coaching institutes in Yamuna Vihar Delhi where you will get the Best Classes for IIT, you will receive well-prepared and good study materials for your preparation. Or, you can combine both your online or offline knowledge and coaching classes. Highly recommended NCERT books for JEE preparations so you may want to get hold of them.

Prepare yourself a study timetable and try to follow as per your Dream

You may have the best study materials in hand, but if you Can’t study them properly, it is of no use. That is why you must start planning a study time so that you study daily. But keep in mind that you should follow the study timetable that you set for yourself.

Do not make too tight a plan that will exhaust you and you will find yourself skipping your study. Besides, plan it in such a way that it will not make you too tired for you to follow it every day. Before you start studying daily, make sure you clear your thoughts of all distractions and pay full attention to your books. Instead of sitting for long hours looking at your books with your thoughts somewhere else, a few hours with full concentration is much better. Most importantly, be determined and consistent in your studies. Avoid skipping as much as you can so that you can get used to studying.

Eat fresh & healthy, exercise, and rest well during your preparation years.

We understand how serious you are crack IIT JEE exam is, but health is also important! As much as you care about yourself in your studies, make sure you care about your health as well. Try to eat healthy foods every day and avoid foods that might bring discomfort or make you lazy to your body at all costs. If you are not healthy, even feeling a little discomfort in your body means it will affect your concentration on your studies.

Try to make a habit of daily light exercise daily- it will help to keep you fresh in mind and keep your body active and healthy. Also, sleep on time and take proper rest after a thorough study session. Try to take proper rest in between your study and at night. Try to sleep at least eight hours at night so that your body will get enough rest to function and be active well the next day!

Selfly Conduct Mock Tests!

Conducting a self-test will help you to improve and identify where you stand and your weaknesses in your studies. Try to test your knowledge every week so that you may know where you need to grow and where your strength is. Also will help you memorize your studies for a longer period. Try to join a mock test conducted both ways or by any institution at least twice or thrice in a month to help you get familiar with exam patterns. Horizon which is the Best Institute for JEE preparation in Yamuna Vihar Delhi provides you with the Best Classes for IIT with this facility as well which is very helpful to crack IIT JEE Exam.

Join coaching classes for systematic and guided preparation.

Recommended joining a coaching class at the start of class 11 to help you study for your JEE. You Should Join the Best IIT Coaching Institute in Yamuna Vihar Delhi where you can get the Best JEE Coaching In Yamuna Vihar with an updated pattern of many important study materials. You can also clear your doubts and learn various study methods for various topics. When you join a coaching class, try to be regular and attentive in class. Never hesitate to ask questions and approach your teachers for any problems unless you do not get the solution.

I hope that the above words will help you in your preparation for cracking IIT JEE and I wish you well in your preparation.

About Horizon Academy Coaching classes and How We Work  For Students To Crack IIT JEE Exam.

It is a leading premier coaching institute of North-East Delhi for Engineering (JEE Main (formerly known as AIEEE), JEE Main+Advanced (formerly known as IIT JEE), and CEE), and Medical (NEET-UG(AIPMT & AIIMS)). HORIZON ACADEMY is one of the Best Coaching Institute for IIT & Neet in Yamuna Vihar Delhi.

HORIZON ACADEMY is offering high-quality and best courses for Pre-Foundation (Class 9 and 10), Foundation (For Class 11 and 12), Fresher (For Class 12), Target (For Class 12 passed), and NTSE, KVPY & Olympiads. Our coaching institute is well known for its quality education and concepts easy-to-understand in North-East Delhi, producing the best results for a consecutive year. For the last 7 years, we have made our students’ dreams come true.

Pre-Medical (NEET Coaching & AIIMS Coaching)

JEE Exam (Different Engineering & IIT-JEE Coaching)

HORIZON ACADEMY is the Best Institute for IIT in Yamuna Vihar Delhi delivering the Best JEE Coaching in Delhi among the coaching centers in the East Delhi with a strong foundation of knowledge having by the best faculty members in Delhi Yamuna Vihar, and North East Delhi for engineering and medical coaching. At HORIZON ACADEMY, we aim to furnish the best classes for IIT students (classroom coaching classes) with mentoring faculties to extract the best of students’ patience and hard work to get success in the competitive entrance exams of JEE (Main+ Advanced), NEET-UG, and AIIMS.”

We understand students’ potential and impart value-based education with a lifelong connection with you to compete in Delhi. We are focused on emerging as a coaching center upbringing the North-East Delhi students to stand among the toppers of Delhi.

HORIZON ACADEMY‘s Best Coaching Institute for IIT & Neet in Yamuna Vihar at Delhi is focused on extracting the best from every student instead of just a few students resulting in the highest selection rate from the others with more selections.

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