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What are Grace Marks in NEET 2024? Will NTA Repeat NEET 2024  

NEET Grace Marks 2024 is an additional grace mark given to students to compensate for the difficulties and other reasons or lost time on the day of NEET exam. This year in 2024,  1563 students of NEET were given grace marks due to which two students got 719 and 718 marks in their results, which is technically wrong and due to this, this situation took the name of controversy. Due to which there was a lot of controversy, protests were seen from the students at various places, however, the Supreme Court has ordered that the examination of those 1, 563 students who got grace marks will be conducted again.

Let us Understand What are Grace Marks

NEET grace marks means the marks which are given to the students to compensate them for their loss due to their troubles and time spent. These NEET marks are added to the actual marks of the aspirants like this year 718 and 719 marks have been given to the students due to grace marks. Due to this, its hearing is still going on in the Supreme Court.

NEET Grace Marks 2024 latest Update

Now a petition has been filed in the Supreme Court regarding NEET 2024 race marks and a reply is being sought from NTA. According to the latest update on June 13, the Center has removed the option of grace marks, which means that the grace marks given to 1, 563 students will now be removed.

After removing the grace marks, now the students will be told their actual marks, after which they will be given the option to give the NEET 2024 exam, so that you will be able to improve your marks more.

But if those students refuse to give the NEET 2024 exam again, then the marks obtained after removing the grace marks will be considered as the final score.

How Many Grace Marks in NEET 2024 Were Given?

According to media reports, the CEO of Physique Vallah had filed a petition in the Supreme Court of India, claiming that at least 1500 students were given 70 to 80 marks as grace marks in an unfair and irregular manner. 

Due to which, students who would have got 300 or 400 marks, their marks became 470+ after the results came and students who got their marks by working hard, went down significantly in the rank due to this.

NEET Grace Marks 2024 Toppers

There are 67 candidates who scored perfect 720 marks in NEET 2024 exam and secured AIR 1. As per the latest update, NTA published a press release in which they have also clarified that out of 67 students who secured AIR 1 by scoring perfect 720 marks, NTA has given grace marks to 6 students. 

Due to these grace marks, these 6 students were able to achieve a perfect score of 720. You can find the list of students who got grace marks in NEET 2024 by searching on Google where you will get its complete list.

NEET Exam Cancelled 2024

There is no such announcement that the NEET exam has been canceled. However, a petition was filed to stop NEET 2024 counseling but it has been rejected by the court, so NEET 2024 counseling will not stop. 

Regarding the cancellation of the exam, NTA has said that the grace marks received by 1563 children will be canceled, after which those students will have a chance to take the exam again. But if the students do not want to appear in this exam, then the score obtained after removing the grace marks will be final.

NEET 2024 Grace Marks Confusion Cleared: Get Expert Guidance for Top Scores at Horizon Academy

Many students have been given grace marks, due to which they will now have the option to give their exam again. Remember that a person learns only by making mistakes, so even if you fail in the exam, do not worry and I would say to those students that keep the preparation for the exam completely complete. 

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NEET grace marks are not that difficult to understand. These are the extra marks you get because of problems at the exam centre, due to which you lose a lot of time in the exam and are unable to solve all the questions. This year too, NTA (National Testing Agency) had said that they have given grace marks after receiving complaints from students about wastage of time.


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