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Will NEET 2024 Be Conducted Again: NEET Exam Repeat!!! Check NTA Responded 

Will NEET exam be conducted again in 2024: NEET i.e. National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is a very important exam for students wishing to make a career in medical and related fields including MBBS, BDS, B.Sc Nursing, AYUSH and Veterinary Studies. This exam was conducted on 5 May 2024 for 24 lakh children, however after the rumors of paper leak and the ongoing protest against it, continuous discussions on social media, everyone wants to know whether there will be any solution to questions like NEET Exam Repeat, will NTA conduct the exam again? Let us understand through this blog why the demand for re-conducting the exam is being raised by the students. So let’s start again and know about it in depth.

Will NEET 2024 Be Conducted Again: NEET Exam Repeat 2024 Date

Yes, according to some reports, the NEET 2024 exam will be conducted again for some candidates. This is only for those 1563 candidates who were given grace marks. NTA has also said that these grace marks have been given to the students because some candidates claimed that their exam time was wasted due to technical problems. 

However, when NTA made this claim before the Supreme Court, it had very little evidence to prove it true.

The committee formed by NTA had suggested that the NEET exam should be repeated again by cancelling the scorecard of the 2024 exam. 

The date for this was set as June 23, the results of which are expected to come on June 30 so that the counseling can start on time after that.

Overview of NEET UG 2024 Exam Controversy

Concerns about unusually high marks: When the results were uploaded on the official website on June 4, it was observed that some students had reportedly scored 718 and 719 marks, which was completely impossible. Usually, the total exam marks are 720. If a student answers correctly, he or she gets 4 marks and for every wrong answer, four marks are deducted, plus there is a negative marking.

Clarification from National Testing Agency (NTA): NTA has given clarification on 719 and 718 marks and said that we have given grace marks to the students for the time they lost during the exam. However, it did not clarify how many were given to which students or how many students were given grace marks.

Doubts over highest scores: This year the number of candidates who scored perfect scores in NEET 2024 was 67, so many students and their parents have doubts whether the exam was conducted fairly or not, because if we look at 2023, only 2 students and in 2022, 3 students managed to get perfect scores.

Dissatisfaction among students: Even after the clarification from NTA, many students feel that the exam was not conducted in a fair and transparent manner.

NEET 2024 exam date latest news: NEET Exam Repeat 2024

The Court has announced that the next session to discuss the cancellation of NEET 2024 exam will be held on July 8, 2024.

The Court on Thursday issued notice to the National Testing Agency (NTA) over alleged irregularities in the NEET paper leak case. The plea was filed on a plea by a learning app, which claimed “inconsistent” calculation of marks on OMR sheets.

After three days of questioning by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the principal of Hazaribagh’s Oasis School and five others have been officially taken into custody in the NEET paper leak case.

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Whether the NEET exam of 2024 will be conducted again by NTA or not!! You will know this only in the Supreme Court hearing on 8th July 2024. Horizon Academy also raises its voice that justice should be done to all the NEET students of India because it is not easy to study for 8 to 9 hours daily.


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