How Previous Question Papers Help in NEET Exam

How Previous Question Papers Help in NEET Exam

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is one of the most competitive exams for medical aspirants in India. Every year, lakhs of students appear for this exam, but only a few thousand get admission to the top medical colleges. To crack this exam, one must have a thorough understanding of the syllabus, a firm grasp of the concepts, and an excellent strategy to manage time and accuracy. Because of it, students must study hard to crack the exam and get into the MBBS college of their choice.NEET 2023 result was announced last week. If you want to know about the NEET result and topper of 2023, you can read [here]

In this article, Horizon Institute in Yamuna Vihar explains the importance of the previous year’s paper (PYQ) for NEET 2024.

Importance of Previous Year Papers (PYQ) 

One of the best ways to prepare for NEET is to solve previous question papers. Previous question papers are the papers given to the students in the past years. They provide a realistic idea of the exam pattern, difficulty level, types of questions, and weightage of topics. By solving previous question papers, one can gain many benefits.

Because in NEET or any other exam, the previous year’s paper plays a significant role in increasing the students’ overall score because, from last year’s papers, it is a very high probability that the question will also be repeated in the next year’s exam. 

Here are some importance of using (PYQ):

Improving speed and accuracy

Solving previous question papers helps to improve one’s speed and accuracy in answering the questions. Because the questions you are solving are the actual ones that were asked in the exam, so are developing a good habit of solving high-quality questions.

Solving the previous year’s questions (PYQ) or any questions helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses because they resemble most of the upcoming exam paper questions so that they can judge you accurately, and you can work on them accordingly.

Practicing regularly can develop a habit of solving questions within the stipulated time and avoid negative markings. Removing the negative markings on your exam or reducing it to the end will drastically boost your score or confidence. 

Enhancing conceptual clarity

Solving previous question papers helps to enhance one’s conceptual clarity and application skills. If your concepts are NEET levels, only when you can solve previous year’s papers. If you cannot solve the previous year’s paper questions, you have to revise your concept; that way, you can enhance your concepts and score as high as possible. 

It also helps to revise the syllabus and clear any doubts or misconceptions. Solving different types of questions allows one to apply the concepts in various situations and scenarios. 

The exam needs to solve various questions, so if any question appears in the exam unfamiliar with the primary type of questions, you can solve it because you solve different types of questions daily. The previous year’s questions will provide you with various questions so you can practice and improve your question-solving skills.

Boosting confidence and morales

Solving previous question papers helps to boost one’s confidence and morale for the exam. If you can solve the previous year’s question paper, you can solve questions that will most resemble the question asked in the actual exam, boosting your confidence. It also helps to overcome exam fear and anxiety and develop a positive attitude. By solving more and more papers, one can gain familiarity with the exam environment and feel more comfortable and confident on exam day.

Being able to conquer the exam day fear like you won half of the paper, for achieving this previous year’s paper will help you to gain that confidence on the Exam day.

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Solving previous question papers is an essential part of NEET preparation. It helps to assess one’s preparation level, identify gaps, improve performance, and increase chances of success. Students should solve at least 10-15 previous question papers before the exam and analyze them thoroughly. Students should also refer to experts’ answer keys and solutions and learn from their mistakes. By doing so, you can ace the NEET exam and get the MBBS college of your desire.

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