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How to Start Preparation for IIT JEE after Class 10

One of the most difficult admission tests in India, the Indian Institute of Technology Joint Admission Examination (IIT JEE) allows applicants to enter the famous engineering and technology programs at the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). It’s essential to start preparing early if you recently finished Class 10 and are interested in a career at the IITs. The IIT JEE syllabus is extensive and includes a broad range of physics, chemistry, and mathematics courses. Starting your preparation earlier provides you the benefit of having plenty of time to properly go over the complete syllabus and participate in crucial practice.

Understanding the IIT JEE

Understand the Exam Pattern and Syllabus

It’s crucial to understand the IIT JEE test format and syllabus before starting your study. JEE Main and JEE Advanced are the two parts of this admission examination. The National Institutes of Technology (NITs), Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs), and other engineering schools around India use JEE Main as a screening test for admission to undergraduate engineering and technology programs. Contrarily, JEE Advanced, which is used to determine admission to IIT undergraduate engineering and technology programs, is the highest level of competition.

The IIT JEE syllabus is extensive and covers a wide range of physics, chemistry, and mathematics courses. You can consult the official JEE website or pamphlet for a comprehensive curriculum.

Initiating Your IIT JEE Journey

  • Choose the Right Study Material

Your choices about study materials is crucial to your success in the IIT JEE. Books, online classes, or coaching organizations are all options. It’s crucial to choose study materials that suit your preferred learning methods.

The NCERT textbooks are a great fundamental resource if you intend to study alone. Reference books and internet resources can be used as an addition to your study.

If you’re leaning towards joining a coaching institute, ensure it’s a reputable one with a track record of success. A good institute will significantly increase your marks in the upcoming NEET exam. If you are looking for a reputed good institute in yamuna vihar for your NEET preparation. Then you can choose horizon academy in yamuna vihar for your preparation for neet exam. Horizon academy is the most experienced faculty institute in yamuna vihar.

  • Create a Study Plan

It’s time to make a well-organized study strategy now that you have your study materials in hand. Your strategy should be both doable and practical. Additionally, it must remain adaptable to allow for unforeseen developments.

Make time in your study schedule for both theory and practice. Don’t forget to allow enough time for review, which is essential for helping you remember what you’ve learnt.

  • Practice Regularly

One of the best strategies to be ready for the IIT JEE is to practice often. You may get a thorough comprehension of the ideas and spot your areas of weakness by working through a ton of practice problems.

NCERT textbooks, reference books, and numerous internet sites all provide practice problems. Never undervalue the impact of consistent, deliberate practice.

  • Take Mock Tests

The use of practice exams is essential to your preparation. They help you manage your time effectively, become comfortable with the exam style, and identify your strengths and shortcomings.

There are a ton of practice exams available online and through tutoring facilities. Add them to your study regimen to hone your test-taking techniques.

Staying on the Right Track

  • Stay Motivated

The path to clearing the IIT JEE is long and challenging. There must always be motivation. Establish reasonable goals, keep track of your development, and celebrate your achievements. Small incentives might have a significant impact on your capacity to maintain optimism.

Additional Tips

  • Focus on Understanding the Concepts

It is a concept-based test, the IIT JEE. It is significantly more efficient to concentrate on comprehending the concepts than it is to memorize facts.

  • Clear Your Doubts Regularly

Keep your doubts from growing. As soon as they appear, deal with them.

  • Take Breaks

For attention and to avoid burnout, frequent breaks are necessary during study sessions.

  • Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

A balanced diet and sufficient sleep contribute to your overall well-being and study efficiency.

Remember, your journey towards the IITs is a marathon, not a sprint. Stay dedicated, and your hard work will yield remarkable results.


It’s a laudable choice to begin your IIT JEE preparation after Class 10, but it’s not without its difficulties. You may successfully plot a plan to ace the IIT JEE by paying attention to the advice provided here. Keep in mind that success depends on consistency and early planning. Keep your objectives in mind, and you might be able to enroll in the IITs.

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