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How to Study for NEET at Home Without Coaching

Horizon Academy Neet Coaching in East Delhi. Study for NEET at Home Without Coaching. There are lots of challenges have to face while preparing Neet but it is possible without coaching. study for NEET at Home Without Coaching- So what about the NEET exam is so unique? The curriculum is extensive. You are expected to do a significant amount of NCERT coursework. When it comes to physics, numerical are like killing. A problem is time. Negative marking is present. Even though there are fewer seats, there is a lot of hype. NEET exams are difficult because of all of this.

How to pass the NEET exam on your first try without Academy is what I’ll explain in this blog.

Furthermore, I’ll explain to you how to score 600 or above on the NEET exam. So regardless of whether you’re trying this for the first time, repeating it, in the 11th standard, the 12th standard, or another standard, this blog will make a lot of sense to you regardless of which segment you’re in.

Therefore, the NEET exam is challenging, and getting a score above 600 is difficult if you don’t maintain your discipline, adhere to the schedule, adhere to the structure, and, of course, maintain your physical and mental health. But I want to make sure that everyone taking the exam remembers that, regardless of who you are or where you come from, if you use the advice provided in this blog, you will succeed without coaching.

Therefore, I want you to comprehend the number 600 before we continue.

What does receiving a score of 600 or higher mean?

It means that to answer 150 questions correctly, you must be answering at least 150 questions correctly.

I’m trying to say that you shouldn’t subject these 150 questions to bad marking. If you correctly answer 150 out of 600 questions, you will undoubtedly pass and can continue from there. So answering 165 questions is the best course of action.

If you got your 5-10 questions even wrong, But still you have 150 right? And if you get 150 of them right, congratulations—you’ve made it. Therefore, physics and biology may matter. A little bit simpler is chemistry. I’m going to share with you the books that are crucial and books to read, and I do not doubt that everybody who reads this blog will do well on their exams.

Do not equate coaching with Education

The practice of coaching appeals to a wide audience. Learning is an extremely individualized process.

Coaching will not help you achieve good grades; learning will. After your concepts are clear, you can start learning. Take advantage of coaching as much as possible, but even without it, concentrate on learning from other sources.

Analyzing Strengths and Weaknesses

I want to talk to you about analyzing your strength after that. Another crucial step is going to be to maximize your areas of weakness. What are your areas of strength, as well as your areas of weakness, when it comes to physics, chemistry, and biology?


Similar to that, there are, let’s say, 19 chapters in physics. Examine every chapter, and you’ll see that you are familiar with the formula and the chapters. The sum, formula, questions, and concepts known by you are your strengths, and those that are troubling you are your weakness. You may highlight your areas of strength and weakness in every chapter, and if you can code and state that you are aware of them, that will be your competitive advantage when it comes time to revise.


The analysis of your strengths and weaknesses will be your main focus. Your ability to manage your time effectively will be a critical factor. You need to prioritise your tasks, manage your time well, and do all of these tasks correctly the first time. You have roughly 720 days left if you are in the eleventh grade. Also, you have 720 marks. What coincidence.

Time Management

You will benefit greatly from reading this blog if you are in the eleventh grade because you have time on your side. Remember that you have time until maybe December or something if you are now in the 12th grade. You then need to start revising and practising properly. 

Time management is crucial in this. Every month, you need to set out what you want to accomplish.

Only test series and analysis should be retained for the previous five months. Nearly 80% of your time should be devoted to writing the test, and 20% should be spent reviewing what you missed, talking to your teacher, and getting concepts clarified so that you may write a better test. You must just do past papers and solved papers for the past two months to enrol in that and nothing more, correct? You should be making a daily schedule in addition to a monthly one. Remember that you must constantly study for four and a half hours each day if you are in the eleventh grade.

Homework assignments, journals, and tutorials are not part of the study. If you are in the 12th grade and you didn’t study in the 11th grade, you should start studying for six and a half hours every day starting today. However, if you are in the 11th grade, you will constantly be granted only four and a half hours from today until your final NEET exam. Everything will be resolved in these four and a half hours. If you want to join coaching for guidance then join Horizon Institute Best NEET Coaching in East Delhi

Book Reference

Guess which book to use as a guide? NCERT.

For MCQs, just use the NCERT book; do not use any other MCQ books. Read it again and again, underline important passages, highlight key ideas, and become familiar with the material. You can pick up the past exams and the solved papers in biology after this. Simply solve the Solved papers once more.

Look for errors. Just finish several papers. The biology NCERT book is the best, therefore don’t spend your time with an MCQ book. It resembles NTA’s favorite book. That is enough. If you want to take the guidance then join Best Coaching For NEET Horizon Academy.

People claim that numericals are crucial in physics. Yes, they are crucial but don’t forget about theory. The theory and the concepts are crucial, am I correct? Therefore, whether it’s a theory or concept, the numbers are the same. You need to understand the equations, the numericals, and the derivations for chemistry.


It’s crucial to have a challenging and demanding mindset as a student to Crack NEET without Coaching. Distractions such as social media, those girlfriends and boyfriends, and family are all harmful to maintaining a happy outlook. Therefore, you must avoid them and maintain concentration. You need to think positively. Your mental well-being must be robust. According to Horizon Academy Neet Coaching in east Delhi only your high percentage of focus can help you to reach your target.

Horizon Academy Best Neet Coaching in east Delhi hope this Article will help you to understand how you can crack NEET exam without coaching.



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