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Why Should You Study from NCERT Books?

Horizon Academy Best Neet and Jee coaching Institute in east Delhi brought your most asked question Why Should You Study from NCERT Books? You must understand why experts suggest NCERT books for exam preparations- not just CBSE board exams but also IIT JEE and NEET. After all, why are NCERT textbooks so popular for various exam preparations? Here is a list of some key benefits of reading NCERT Solutions for CBSE exam preparation: 

Get Authentic Information

Subject-expert teachers prepare NCERT books after doing extensive research on every topic of each subject. The books are checked twice by a professional team of teachers and then published. So, NCERT textbooks are one of the best resources for exam preparation and will help you score better marks in exams.

Depth Knowledge & Easy-to-understand Format 

The NCERT textbooks are curated to cater to every student’s need irrespective of their intelligence quotient. They have apt solutions and in-depth knowledge in an easy and simple language. The authors ensure that they explain every minute detail clearly in these NCERT textbooks. Thus, you can easily understand the most complex topics and have minimum doubts. 

Strictly Follows CBSE Curriculum

One of the most important benefits of using NCERT textbooks for exam preparation is that they completely stick to the latest CBSE-released curriculum. The students do not have to hunt elsewhere as they can find all the topics based on the latest syllabus in a single textbook. NCERT textbooks are not just sufficient board exams but also for competitive exams like JEE Mains and others. 

Clears All Basic Concepts

NCERT textbooks also ensure that every basic and fundamental topic in each subject is covered. This feature helps the students in understanding the most crucial concepts easily and quickly.

Preparation with NCERT textbooks will provide students with an advantage over others. It will help them score good marks. Therefore, students should start their exam preparation using NCERT textbooks to secure the best result in the CBSE board exams.

A Big Number of Practice Problems

NCERT textbooks come with several questions and problems for practice. These questions are important for the final CBSE exams. You will come across several practice questions at the end of every chapter given by NCERT experts. 

Important For Board Exams

Most importantly, NCERT textbooks form the backbone of CBSE board examinations. Using these books for exam preparations, one cannot skip practicing the important CBSE exam questions. 

Referring to NCERT solutions provides you with a detailed methodology of the problem. Moreover, they also provide a detailed step-by-step procedure that helps students fetch higher marks in the CBSE board examination.

Reasonable Pricing and Easy to Understand

The NCERT books are the least-priced textbooks you can get in the market today. Moreover, you can also get NCERT textbook PDFs online. As for the solutions, several online platforms provide NCERT textbook solutions. You can easily access, and download them for free and practice questions with solutions at your own pace.

Although you can always use other reference books or additional books, it has been noticed that other books might not always cover the basic concepts. This tends to confuse students. Therefore, it is best to refer to NCERT textbooks to perform excellently.


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