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NEET ( National Eligibility Entrance Test) is the entrance exam that every medical or dental aspirant has to clear first. In this exam, every year about lakhs of aspirants appear but only some of them get shortlisted on the basis of their marks. This is the best way to understand how important it is to start preparation for NEET 2022 Exam if you are an aspirant. There are a number of questions that arise in the mind of any aspirant regarding the Preparation Tips for NEET 2022, the right method to study, what would be a strategy, which books are the best, how can you score high, and much. Later on, I will try to figure out most of these questions which will help you in making the Best Strategy for NEET 2022

The one who is looking to pursue their career as a healthcare professional and wants to prefix Dr. before their name will have to crack an Exam NEET 2022 (National Eligibility Entrance Test). This exam is the foremost step if you want to become an expert in medicine and want to take admission in a reputed institute or college for MBBS or Dental. Many people dream to achieve the goal of their life whether it would be small or big. But only a few get what they actually want. Do you know why? It must be known that the bigger the dream, the more perseverance it demands. Hard work, consistency, discipline is the key to every success. Hence, you should be mentally prepared for your dreams, for what you want to be, what you want to achieve in life. And start working on it. Your patience and hard work will ultimately take you towards that. 

There are various Preparation Tips For NEET 2022 that you need to follow if you are an aspirant.


Prepare Yourself Mentally


If you are an aspirant then you should mentally prepare yourself first. You have to keep patience and give your extra efforts for preparation NEET 2022. You have to be consistent and focused. Sometimes many students start Preparing For NEET 2022 but very soon they become bored of it and leave their preparation in between. See, if you are passionate about it then go for it. Otherwise, try to focus on your own passion and make efforts on that.


Know the Syllabus


When you become mentally stable then you should know what the syllabus will be. Get the complete information regarding the syllabus, a number of questions, high-scoring subject, and topic. All this will help you in making the strategy for preparation. You must know each piece of information while Preparing For NEET 2022 and stay updated on each piece of news also.


Best Books To Recommend


You need to know which are the best books for preparation. NCERT is the best book for preparation. NCERT is the best book to learn and understand the concept thoroughly. Other relevant books can also help you in achieving the best result. You need to keep in mind that the books would be very helpful in clearing the basic concepts and topics thoroughly. Choose the books wisely. The relevant books listed below can help the aspirant in Preparing For NEET 2022.


 For Physics 


  • Concept of Physics by HC Verma
  • Fundamental of Physics by Pradeep
  • Objective Physics by DC Pandey
  • Problems in General Physics by IE Irodov


For Chemistry


  • Physical Chemistry by OP Tondon
  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee
  • Practice books by VK Jaiswal for Inorganic
  • MS Chauhan for Organic) and N Awasthi for Physical
  • Dinesh Chemistry Guide


For Biology


  • Objective Biology by Dinesh.
  • Objective Botany by Ansari.
  • Pradeep Guide on Biology.
  • GR Bathla publications for Biology.
  • Biology Volume 1 & Volume 2 by Trueman


Schedule Your Timetable


After knowing the syllabus, you need to make your timetable according to your routine schedule. Try to give almost 2 hours to each subject. You need to study less but be focused rather than give more time but unfocused. Ultimately, it takes less time to prepare a topic if you read that with full focus. 


You need to check the weightage of each chapter and topic. By doing this you can save your time and can give more time to the high weightage topic. Try to understand the concept in spite of mugging it up. When you learn something by understanding the concept then it will become easy for you to keep it in your mind for long. Hence, stay focused on what you are learning. 


Determination of Previous Year Paper Analysis For making the Best Strategy For NEET 2022


  • Last year’s paper was not so hard and not so easy, it was moderate to hard level. Hence, you should check the previous year’s paper first and then make your strategy accordingly. The 2022 NEET Exam will be conducted in Offline mode.


  • In the Physics subject, the theoretical part was easier than the numerical. But try to focus on each section. Give proper time to both sections while Preparing For NEET 2022. 


  • Among the entire subject, biology was the easiest subject to attempt. As biology is all about understanding the basics, you should focus on understanding the concepts of each topic rather than mugging it up. This subject helps you in scoring high. 


  • In the last year’s NEET Question Paper, Biology contains questions from both botany and zoology. It was seen that zoology was the easier section to be attempted than botany.


  • You should check the interview of toppers and their preparation strategy online. This will help you more in preparation because they will share their experience and their mistakes with you which will ultimately help you in not repeating the similar mistake which they had made. Everything is available on YouTube. You can also take the help of online mode while preparing. You can take it as an assistant source. 




By choosing the right Institute for NEET Coaching in Delhi will help you learn and guide in a proper way and also choose the Best Strategy for NEET 2022. As we all know that the competition is at its peak. We cannot deny the importance of a coaching institute nowadays to guide the right track, to follow the right path, and providing the best Preparation Tips for NEET 2022. Hence, Horizon Academy is the Best NEET Institute in Yamuna Vihar that provides the best NEET Coaching in Yamuna Vihar. In today’s era, it becomes very important to work smartly. We are having experienced faculties that guide you in each step of your struggle. 


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