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Is NEET Exam Tough?

 You must be wondering whether neet is easy or hard.No doubt neet is a very tough exam. But…

What is the NEET Exam?

NEET is a uniform test with three sections of varying difficulty levels: complex, moderate, and straightforward. The paper is well-balanced. 180 questions in 180 minutes! The competition is intense! A gap of 5 marks-a hole of 50 ranks or even more! Speed and accuracy are essential to succeed. Pressure can affect your performance negatively. You should give your best effort for the preparation now. 

How Hard is NEET?

To be honest, NEET isn’t hard. The Neet exam is very easy. The thing that makes the NEET exam hard to crack is his immense competition. 

Which Subject is Tough in NEET?

The answer to this question is subjective and depends on the student’s choice. No subject is complicated in the next exam. It is all about understanding the subject. If you find any subject hard, that must be because you need to give more time to the subject or your teacher can’t make you understand it completely. For any of these reasons, you can join Horizon Academy in Yamuna Vihar to understand your weak subject better. Although many students find it to be the toughest subject in the exam, it’s all about understanding the concept of the subject.

 In biology, which is the most significant part of the exam. Most of the questions are directly made from ncert. Basic questions are frames from the book. Suppose you have gone through ncert enough times. You never got any problems with the NEET exam. In today’s time, the ncert is sufficient for the exam.

For chemistry, you have to do the same for organic and inorganic but practice questions for physical chemistry to save time during the exam.

The physics of neet is elementary. Because many students taking the neet exam are not taking math in their 11th and 12th classes, many are weak in physics. The paper on neet physics is effortless as compared to jee exam.

Many concepts or questions are mainly directed from previous papers, making the exam easy for the students.

Is the next exam really that easy? Well, not really; the thing that makes it very hard to crack is the competition you are getting in that exam. You compete with over 20 lakh students for only thousands of seats. So students must have to score almost perfectly on the exam. Avoiding all the silly mistakes, he can do the long 180 marks paper of 3 hr 20 mins. To achieve this, the student must study hard, practice enough tests, and stay consistent for the extended 8-9 months, which is very challenging for the candidate to do everything by himself from home. So they need someone who guides and motivates them for a long time. 

It would be best to choose Horizon Academy in Yamuna Vihar for your study partner. Horizon Institute in Yamuna Vihar provides the best faculty and weekly test for you to test your preparation. We motivate you to study hard and give your best on your exam. If you live near Yamuna Vihar or Loni, visit Horizon Academy to see the ecosystem of study and hard work we provide.

JEE is Tough or NEET.

IIT JEE and NEET are challenging national-level entrance exams that are very popular. The main difference between them is the career outcome they lead to. For instance, JEE Main is for entering the engineering field, while NEET is for getting admission to top medical colleges. Another distinction is that JEE is more critical to Math and NEET to Biology.


JEE Main & NEET are national-level, competitive entrance exams .They are held only once a year and have limited seats, making them more challenging.

Moreover, the seats in medical institutes are much fewer than in engineering colleges. Therefore, even though the questions in NEET may be easier than in JEE Main, it is still tough to clear the NEET exam.

Anyways , the answer to the question, “Which one is harder, the JEE or NEET?” may differ depending on different perspectives.

Least Challenging – JEE Main

Challenging – NEET

Most Challenging – JEE Advanced

However, the difficulty level of the exam depends on the aspirant’s intelligence and study preparation. 

In conclusion the NEET exam is the gateway in the medical field and the JEE exam is the gateway in the engineering field. The NEET exam is slightly tougher than the JEE exam because of the limited seats present in the NEET exam, which makes it slightly more difficult than the JEE exam. Other than that both exams have almost the same syllabus of 11th and 12th combined, in NEET exam math is replaced by biology from JEE exam. 


NEET is a national-level entrance exam that is highly challenging to clear. It is held once a year with limited seats available in medical institutes. While the questions in NEET may be relatively more straightforward than those in JEE Main, the competition and the scarcity of seats make it difficult to secure admission. The exam requires a thorough understanding of biology, chemistry, and physics. Success in NEET depends on the student’s intelligence, study preparation, and ability to handle the pressure of intense competition. To win this competition and score good marks in the next exam, students can be admitted to the Horizon Academy in Yamuna Vihar. To achieve as good as possible in the NEET exam.




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