How to Start Preparing For NEET From 11th Class

How to Start Preparing For NEET From 11th Class – (NEET Preparation Guide)

Preparing For NEET From 11th Class: Many of the students were confused about whether I should study for the NEET exam from the 11th class or not. As you might already know that the NEET exam is a highly competitive exam that demands rigorous preparation and unwavering determination. For students aiming to crack NEET, starting the preparation journey from class 11th is a good move that can offer a competitive edge over the other students. In this guide, Horizon NEET Institute in Yamuna Vihar will delve into effective strategies that will empower you to excel in NEET, including goal setting, resource collection, motivation, regular practice, time management, and self-belief.

Set a Target and Create a Study Plan

Your NEET preparation must begin with a clear vision of your goals. Do you hope to enroll in a prestigious medical college? Do you aim to achieve a specific score to enter your desired institute? Once you have defined your objectives, it’s time to craft a well-structured study plan. An organized plan acts as a roadmap, guiding you through the vast syllabus and preventing any deviation from your path. 

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Collect the Right Resources

As if the student just got into class 11th and recently got to know about the NEET Exam, the first thing that generally students do wrong is that they collect too much of the study material, test series books, question practice books etc. that will misguide the students from his NEET preparation. It is very important to access the right resources, which are vital for comprehensive learning. Begin your journey with the fundamental NCERT textbooks, which form the backbone of NEET’s syllabus. 

These books are replete with the basic concepts crucial for your understanding. Initially, NCERT books from your school syllabus will be sufficient for your NEET preparation. Once you master the books, you can jump for higher questions and higher books. 

In some past years, the questions in the NEET exam only came directly from the NCERT book, especially in the biology segment. So you must read the NCERT book for biology enough times before the exam.

Stay Focused and Motivated

NEET preparation is not just about studying; it is a journey that demands dedication and resilience. Throughout this voyage, maintaining focus and motivation is crucial. Break your preparation into smaller milestones, and celebrate each achievement along the way. Share your aspirations with family and friends, creating a supportive environment that will uplift you during challenging times. Consider forming study groups with like-minded peers, as collaborative learning can foster motivation and enhance retention. Cultivating a positive mindset is vital, as it enables you to overcome obstacles and believe in your abilities.

Practice Regularly

The age-old adage, “practice makes perfect,” holds immense significance in NEET preparation. Regular practice is the key to honing your problem-solving skills and time-management abilities. Devote time daily to solve a diverse range of questions from each subject. Analyze your mistakes, identify weak areas, and work diligently to improve them. Consistent practice not only builds confidence but also familiarizes you with the exam’s format and pattern. As you approach the actual exam date, the abundance of practice will empower you to face it with ease and composure.

Take Mock Tests

Mock tests are invaluable for assessing your progress and readiness for the real NEET exam. Attempting mock tests under timed conditions simulates the actual test environment, allowing you to refine your time management skills. Post the mock tests, review your performance thoroughly, and analyze your strengths and weaknesses. 

But it is very important to only do NCERT-centric mock tests for the NEET exam. Finding NCERT-centric mock tests can be hard for you. So don’t worry about it then, because, with horizon institute in Yamuna Vihar, we will be conducting mock tests every week, so it will help students to manage their time wisely.

This leads us to the next point.

Manage Your Time Wisely

Three hours and 20 minutes is the amount of time NTA gives you for reading 200 questions and solving 180 questions from the 200 ones in the exam, so time management is a critical aspect of NEET preparation. The exam is time-bound, and managing every second efficiently can significantly impact your score. That’s why answering questions with a timer is very important to gauge your speed and accuracy.

As we mentioned earlier, giving a mock test will surely help you with time management in your NEET exam. From Horizon institute in yamuna vihar.


Embarking on the NEET preparation journey from class 11th requires a holistic approach, dedication, and perseverance. Set clear goals and create a study plan to organize your preparation. Utilize appropriate resources to build a strong foundation of knowledge. Stay motivated and focused, celebrating your milestones along the way. Practice regularly and take mock tests to fine-tune your skills and strategies. Master the art of time management, making the most of every moment during the exam. Above all, believe in yourself and your abilities, for self-confidence is the driving force behind success.

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