Is a Calculator Allowed in NEET

Is a Calculator Allowed in NEET?

Horizon Academy Best NEET Coaching in East Delhi wants to tell you Is a calculator allowed in NEET or not? Given a choice, students will want to use calculators in exams like NEET to save time and be quick with the calculation part. However, the question is not what students wish to do; the question is, are calculators allowed in NEET? 

Is it only the calculator that is not allowed, or is there other things too? And if the calculator is not allowed, is it tough to do the calculations in the NEET exam without it? 

Let us find out in this article whether NEET allows using calculators. 

To Know Can you carry Calculators in NEET?

The National Testing Agency releases the brochure carrying all the guidelines for the NEET exam every year before the exam. The brochure contains all the information regarding items that are strictly not allowed during the exam. 

To be precise, plastic pouches, geometry/pencil boxes, erasers, electronic pens, scales, and other electronic gadgets are not allowed from carrying inside the examination center. So, it implies that calculators in NEET are also not allowed. 

Therefore, it is advised that students should carefully go through the examination guidelines to avoid any misconduct in the examination hall. 

Why are Calculators Prohibited in NEET? 

As mentioned above, no electronic gadgets are allowed in the examination center; the calculator also falls under electronic devices, so students cannot carry them during the exam. 

Those who fail to adhere to these guidelines will be suspended from appearing in the NEET exam. Moreover, the examination conducting authority can take strict actions against the students carrying such barred items. 


Barred items in NEET 

Here is a complete list of things that candidates are strictly not allowed to carry during the exam:

  • Electronic items such as watches, calculators, cameras, pen drives, etc., are not allowed.
  • Textual materials like a log table, writing pad, or bits of paper are also not allowed. 
  • Communication devices such as mobile phones, Bluetooth, microphones, etc., are strictly barred. 
  • Stationary materials, including pens, pouches, rulers, erasers, etc., are prohibited. 
  • The candidates must avoid all jewelry like rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, nose-pin, badges, etc.
  • Eatables of all kinds are prohibited. 


DON’Ts during the exam 

Candidates must avoid the following during the exam: 

Do not carry the barred items: before entering the examination hall, candidates must check their belongings to see if they have things that are not allowed.

  • Don’t get involved in the discussion: You should not involve in any discussions regarding the exam or topics during the exam. Such actions can cost your chances of appearing in the exam ahead. 
  • Don’t make any hasty choice: Just because the question involves some calculations, do not make an impulsive choice. First, attempt those questions you are confident about, which will save you from selecting any wrong answers. Do clever work; if it is taking much time, move on to the next question. 

The Human Brain is the Best Calculator

Only humans invented calculators to make calculations easy and fast but remember that earlier also, people used to do calculations without this device. That means a calculator is not the ultimate weapon against math calculations; students should not forget the power of their minds.

No calculator can match a human brain’s skills, not talking about those long calculations but the type of calculations asked in the NEET exam. The calculations in NEET are surprisingly not as complex as you think. 

Moreover, the moment you are allowed to use the calculator, the examiner gets the liberty to give as many calculations as he can, and the fact is that you will not like it. 

Bottom line 

So, the bottom line is that calculators are not allowed in the examination hall. Students should not carry any of the barred items so as not to suffer from any consequences that can risk their chances of appearing in the NEET exam and, in turn, ruin their future. 

Practice more and train your brain to do the small calculations as fast as possible; it will solve half of the problems before entering the examination hall. And last but not least, do not fear the calculation part of the exam; it is not too tough to be solved. 

For more information or queries regarding NEET preparations, you can find us at Horizon Academy Best Neet Coaching in East Delhi also you can visit us at our website.



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