How Difficult Can It be to Crack JEE Exam

How Difficult Can It be to Crack JEE Exam

Can you guess how tough the JEE exam is and where it stands on the competitive scale? There is no doubt that the JEE exam is one of the toughest exams in India. However, the level of competition and difficulty of the exam may vary from person to person and to understand the difficulty of the exam, you may need to understand its various stages. The article will discuss the difficulty of this exam in detail and also tell how students can crack it.

So you need to read this article with all your heart because I have done a lot of research to understand its difficulty level and to explain the tips and strategies to crack the exam with students, after which I have extracted some important details. I will share these details with you in this article so make sure you do not skip a single line. so let’s start.

Understand the difficulty level of JEE and Crack exam 

As you know, the JEE exam is known for its difficulty level and competitiveness. It not only explains your concepts but also tests your knowledge as well as analyzes your problem-solving skills, analytical thinking and time management. If we look at the syllabus of the exam, it includes Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. 

Remember, to crack it, you need a deep understanding of your syllabus and the questions asked in the exam are obviously difficult. However, to solve these and crack IIT JEE you need to adopt a logical approach.

Such 5 factors contribute to making the exam difficult.

  1. Huge syllabus: JEE is one of the very difficult exams due to its huge syllabus and covering each one completely can be a bit difficult.
  2. Solving difficult problems: You have to be quick in solving your difficult questions because if you remain stuck on the same question then you may face difficulty.
  3. High Competition: The level of competition in the examination is very high as the number of students appearing for the examination is very high which puts pressure on you to perform well in the examination.
  4. Constraint of Time: The exam time is limited, so you have to complete your exam within time, which can create pressure for you.
  5. Number and frequency of attempts: Remember that you get only two attempts in life to crack this exam, so find the best way to crack JEE the first time.

By understanding the strategies, you can concentrate on cracking the exam.

  1. Understand the syllabus

Start from the basics, so first of all you should understand your syllabus well so that it becomes easier for you to prepare for your exam. Divide all the subjects of your syllabus into small parts of the day and accordingly make a strong study time table for yourself. This will give you plenty of time to prepare thoroughly for each of your subjects. 

Joining the best rated institute Yamuna Vihar can be a very good option to understand and complete your syllabus properly.

  1. Build strong fundamentals

To prepare for IIT JEE, you need a solid foundation in subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Keep in mind that the stronger your basics are, the easier it will be for you to prepare for the exam, so you should focus most of your time on strengthening your basics. So once you’ve completed your basic exercises, don’t stop there and upgrade to advanced problems.

  1. Make an effective study schedule

Create a well-structured time table that gives you enough time for all your tasks. To avoid boredom in studies, divide your study session into small parts and keep taking breaks in between. Follow your schedule faithfully. However, you should create a schedule that you can easily follow.

  1. Make goals for yourself and try to target them

To complete your syllabus, it is important to make small goals for yourself and when the goal is achieved, you should also express happiness so that you can be highly motivated. After completing your achievements, track them to see where you are lagging and focus more on the areas in which you are feeling weak.

Find an Highly Recommended Institute 

JEE exam is one of the toughest and competitive exams and it can be quite difficult to crack, however, if you go with the right approach and well reputed institute then it will not be difficult for you to crack the exam. 

Horizon Academy Institute in Yamuna Vihar, located in East Delhi is one of the most disciplined and highly recommended institutes, here you can start your studies with the best teachers to get success in your examinations. 

This best coaching center in Yamuna Vihar has lived up to the expectations of thousands of students and has a good track record.


Cracking the JEE exam can be challenging due to the broad syllabus and high level of competition. Success requires thorough preparation, strategic study planning, and consistent practice. However, with dedication and right guidance from experienced gurus, it is possible to achieve a good score. Understanding the concepts deeply, practicing extensively and staying focused are the key factors in overcoming the difficulties associated with the JEE exam.


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