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Horizon Academy Best NEET & JEE Medial and IIT Coaching in Yamuna Vihar Delhi. Know something about Foundation Courses. If you have an aim in your mind and know how to achieve it, then there is no doubt why you should not start early to accomplish your dream. For most successful people, starting early is the first step towards a successful future. Starting early preparation for NEET exam, like in 8th, 9th or 10th class will not mean that you have to study NEET-level concepts and topics. It’s about building a foundation, learning time management, and discipline, following a routine, and clearing basic concepts well.

If you are still pondering over whether or not to start your preparation early in the foundation years, reading further may prove to be of some help. Horizon Academy IIT coaching classes in Yamuna Vihar Delhi brought you some tips. 

Make Your Preparation Easy

If you start preparing early, it is no longer difficult to crack. You develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence for it. Students who start early from the foundation years prepare right from scratch and clear all the concepts helping them to develop cognitive thinking to crack any exam.

Need Depth Analysis

Having a proper schedule can save a lot of time and effort. You need to strategically divide your time for different subjects and set aside time for completing assignments. Make a weekly calendar and mention the dates. A fixed schedule will keep you disciplined and avoid any procrastination.

Prepare for school exams Simultaneously

The exam pattern in your school and competitive exams is not the same. There is a set pattern that focuses on learning concepts, while the latter one is based on applying these concepts and understanding the logic behind them. Therefore, when you start preparing early for any competitive exam, As well as cover the school syllabus.

Time Management

Time management means balancing out your time between studies and extracurricular activities. When you start preparing early, you realize the time that you need to devote to preparations and spend time doing other ordinary tasks. You learn to utilize your time effectively and balance between school and competitive exam preparation.

Also, read the blog on time management tips to help you prepare for the exam.

Prepare for the Future

The hard work today will prepare you for tomorrow. Starting early doesn’t prepare you for a particular exam but builds a strong foundation for other competitive exams. The innovative learning and confidence you have built today will help you earn benefits in the future.

Why Foundation Course is Important?

  • Starting early during the foundation years uplifts your thinking abilities and expands your thought process by encouraging you to think out of the box.
  • You are exposed to quantitative and qualitative questions that provide you with an in-depth analysis and necessary training for competitive exams.
  • Once you start developing your thinking skills, you’ll obtain an edge over others. Your problem-solving skills will already be developed even before your peers start with their preparation.
  • You will have a strong understanding of the basic concepts and with regular practice, you will be able to move to be able to solve difficult problems quite early.
  • Starting early in the foundation years provides you with the necessary exposure by preparing you for scholarship exams like NTSE and several other Olympiads. It instills in you a competitive spirit that is essential to succeed in life.

The Main Objective of the Foundation Course is to prepare students for:

  • Maths and Science for school-level exams
  • Various Olympiads like Maths, Physics, etc
  • Other competitive exams like NTSE, KVPY, etc

How to Prepare for NEET/JEE in Class 8,9 and 10?

  • Make it a habit to study every day. With time you will be able to study for long hours without losing your focus.
  • Give up mugging and lay emphasis on learning concepts and apply them to your regular problems
  • Work on your calculations in terms of accuracy and speed. Try to be accurate for which you need practice.
  • Improve your analytical skills. Try solving one problem in different methods.
  • Build your concentration in studies. Try solving various puzzles and riddles.

Why Choose Horizon Academy Foundation Courses?

  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty
  • Well-researched and analyzed study material
  • Systematic and regular testing systems
  • Well-defined and planned academic year
  • Consistent coaching standards nationwide
  • Regular feedback, queries, and grievance redressal

Starting early in the foundation years can help you in planning strategically for the future. You can utilize the early years sensibly by focusing on in-depth learning where you can give more time to understanding lessons and grasping concepts. It helps you to prepare meticulously with the right tools for your support. Horizon Academy Best IIT JEE coaching In Yamuna Vihar Delhi Foundation courses offer the best quality education by highly qualified and well-experienced faculty that not only help you pass school/board exams with flying colors but also crack competitive exams.


What are the various competitive exams that the foundation courses help in?

Horizon Academy foundation courses help in Olympiads, HATHE, PRMO, and other competitive exams students prepare for after Class VIII. In addition to the scholarship tests, foundation courses also help you prepare for future medical and engineering entrance exams.

Which class foundation courses are available at Horizon Academy?

The foundation courses by Horizon Academy are available for the students of Classes VIII to X.

How can I pay for the course?

Students enrolling for a foundation course at Horizon Academy best IIT Institute In Delhi can pay their fees both Online as well as offline mode.

Online Mode: Students who want to pay the fees online can make the payment through net banking or via debit/credit card

Offline Mode: Those who want to pay the fees in offline mode can either pay it via cash, cheque or through a Demand Draft made in favor of Aakash.

Can I get a scholarship?

Yes, Horizon Academy Neet Coaching Classes in Yamuna Vihar in Delhi does provide a Scholarship to all deserving students. You need to take a scholarship test such as HATHE, based on which you will be provided a discount on the overall fees for the foundation course you want to enroll for. You can talk to our counselor at 9811139323 for more details.

What are the schedule and average duration of the classes?

The schedule and average duration of the course depend on the modules and overall syllabus. Students who enroll for the course are informed about the same via email or SMS on the contact details shared by them.

Can I get a refund if I leave the course in between?

Sorry, there is no refund policy for leaving the course in between.

What is the fee structure for different classes and courses?

The fee structure varies for different classes and courses. You can check the fees by selecting the courses or can call at 9811139323 to know more about the course and fee details.


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