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Preparing for JEE & Board Exams Perfect Study Plan: There is not much difference between the dates of the JEE Mains and board exams, which means preparation for both examinations needs to be planned simultaneously for the best results. It is challenging for students to decide how to approach both exams, where to start, and what to focus on more to perform successfully on both examinations. Horizon Academy Best for JEE & Bord Exam In Yamuna Vihar Delhi brought the perfect study plan for our students.  


Horizon Academy’s best IIT coaching in Yamuna Vihar Delhi has a well-planned study schedule that must be followed to prepare for both exams simultaneously. The focus must not only be laid on scoring put marks but also on clearing the concepts and understanding all the topics on a basic level so that you can solve multiple-choice questions based on those confidently. Preparing for two exams at the same time appears to be a daunting task, but with the right resources and strategic preparation, you can excel in both exams. This discussion is aimed at acquainting you with such strategies and guiding you so that you can scale both exams with high marks. That is why Horizon Academy IIT coaching in Delhi creates the preparing for JEE & Board Exams Perfect Study Plan

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  • Study Plan for Preparing for JEE Mains and Board Exams
  • Class 11 and 12 Syllabus in JEE Mains
  • Conclusion 
  • Frequently Asked Questions 

Study Plan for Preparing for JEE Mains & Board Exams

Get Acquainted With the Syllabus

Before start preparing for JEE & Board Exams, you must get acquainted with the Syllabus of both exams. Try to find out the topics that are common between both exams so that you can prioritize them over the other topics and revise those multiple times. Also, find out the chapters with the highest weightage in both exams. If you work smart and pay attention to such high-yielding chapters, you will be able to perform outstandingly on both exams. 

Form a Practical Timetable

What we observe Many students carry on with their preparation without having a plan. They study whenever they feel like studying and procrastinate at other times. As they do not have a set target for each day, they are not worried about studying. This makes them prepare sluggishly for the exam, and most parts of the Syllabus are left before the exam. Also, they do not get time for revisions. 

To get good results on both exams, you need to have a practical and doable timetable and must follow it religiously. Sit down with the Syllabus and mark the topics that you haven’t touched yet. Distribute those over the days left before the exam to ensure that all parts of the Syllabus are covered. Do not forget to leave some time for revision and solving sample papers before the exam. 

Do Not Lose Your Focus

Although it might not look like it, it is the most important tip if you want to prepare successfully for the JEE Mains and board exams simultaneously. At the start of the preparation, most students put their best foot forward and give their 100% effort. Still, after a while, due to the imaginary fear of not doing well by preparing simultaneously for both the exams and demotivation, they lose focus. They keep on jumping from studying for the board examination to studying for JEE Mains examination and vice versa without having a plan.

This leads to chaos and confusion. The students need to realize that the Syllabus for both these exams is almost the same. If they focus on clearing their concepts of the most important topics without wasting time, it will help them for both exams. 

Time Management

To ensure that both exams are being prepared adequately and each subject is given equal emphasis, you must divide your preparation time suitably. After completing a topic, set aside some time for revising it and solving questions based on it. Your preparation must be a mixed basket of basic preparation, revision sessions, and solving question banks. Then only you can be confident enough to face both exams. If you want to know more about how to manage time efficiently for exam success, check out our best IIT coaching Yamuna Vihar Delhi Horizon’s  7 Tips To Manage Your Time Efficiently.

Employ Effective Study and Revision Strategies

These days the markets are filled with all kinds of books and study materials from different publishers. In such a situation, students tend to get overwhelmed, but it is important to choose the best books and follow them without losing track. For both JEE Mains and board exams, NCERT textbooks are the best resource. But it would be best if you also revised the notes prepared in tuition classes during self-study. It will help you form a better understanding of the topics and Horizon Academy IIT coaching in Delhi Yamuna Vihar study for the students so that they can make their dreams comes true.

Work on Proper Concepts

The Physics part of the JEE Mains Syllabus consists of three major portions— Electricity, Optics, and Modern Physics. Physics is considered one of the most challenging subjects for most students. If you are one of them, you must give more time to the subject. Because Physics topics can not be crammed at the last moment, work on building your concepts from the beginning so that you don’t suffer at last due to a shortage of time.

Chemistry is a very high-scoring subject and, if studied with dedication, can help you fetch high marks. Inorganic Chemistry can be mugged up, but for Physical Chemistry, you need to practice lots of numerical-based questions. Practice previous year’s papers and sample papers to get acquainted with the format, type, distribution, and difficulty level of the questions being asked in the exam. 

Solve Last Years’ Question Papers

Attempt Last year’s question papers of both JEE Main Exam and board exams and include solving them in your study plan. Be it any exam; if you go to the examination hall without solving the previous year’s question papers, you are making a big mistake. You won’t know about the exam pattern, and the paper will overwhelm you.

By solving the previous papers, you will feel more confident to face the exam and get into the real temperament of the exam. Additionally, a few questions are asked from JEE Previous Year Questions and previous board exam questions every year. So, if you get lucky, you might get this added advantage of solving the previous year’s question papers. 

Attend Mock Tests

Most students keep on putting off the idea of solving mock tests until the last moment. They assume that they need to cover a certain percentage of the Syllabus before starting to attempt the mock tests. While it is right to some extent, you should not delay attending mock tests to the extent that you might skip them altogether. 

Going to the exam hall for any exam without attending the mock tests is not a good idea. They help you find out your weak areas in the Syllabus so that you can work on those accordingly and bridge the gap. You will get to know how prepared you are for the exam and how much more effort you need to put in. 

Do not feel discouraged if you perform poorly on JEE Main Mock Tests. Just work on your weaknesses and put your best foot forward to not repeat the same mistakes. The purpose of attending mock tests is not to feel demotivated due to your performance but to recognize your weaknesses and work on converting them into your strengths. 

Pay More Attention to Important Topics

Certain topics in each subject carry more weightage compared to others, especially for board exams; lots of questions are found to be repeated over the years. You must carefully study such topics to gain maximum marks in the exams. Practice as many questions based on them as possible so you can answer them confidently if asked in the exam. If you want to know the important topics for the JEE Mains Exam, check out this blog JEE Main: Most Important Topics and Chapters.

Class 11 and 12 Syllabus in JEE Mains

JEE Mains Exam includes the syllabi of NCERT Classes 11 and 12. There are lots of common chapters between the two exams. Given is a description of the same:

Physics Class 11 and 12 Topics Included in JEE Mains Syllabus

 Class 11 Topics   Class 12 Topics
 Laws of Motion   Electric Charges and Fields
 Units and Dimensions   Electric Potential and Capacitance
 Kinematics   Moving Charges and Magnetism
 Rotational Motion   Current Electricity
 Waves   Ray Optics
 Oscillations   Alternating Current
 Work, Energy, and Power   Dual Nature of Radiation
 Thermal Properties   Semiconductors
 Kinetic Theory of Gases   Electromagnetic Waves and Communication Systems
 Thermodynamics   Wave Optics
 Gravity   Electromagnetic Induction
 Mechanics of Solids and Fluids   Atoms and Nuclei

Chemistry Class 11 and 12 Topics Included in JEE Mains Syllabus 

 Class 11  Class 12
 Chemical Bonding  Chemical Kinetics
 Gaseous State  Biomolecules and Polymers
 General Organic Chemistry  Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
 Chemical Equilibrium  Redox and Electrochemistry
 Atomic Structure  Hydrocarbons and their Substituents
 Stoichiometry  Hydrogen and S Block Elements

Mathematics Class 11 and 12 Topics Included in JEE Mains Syllabus

 Class 11  Class 12
 Trigonometric identities  Inverse Trigonometry
 Circles  Integration
 Statistics  Vectors
 Conic Sections  Applications of Integrals
 Solutions of Heights, Triangles, and     Distances  Continuity and Differentiability
 Progressive Series and Binomial   Theorem  Relations and Functions
 Seta, Relations, and Functions  Matrices and Determinants
 Straight lines  3D Geometry
 Limits and Differentiations  Differential Equations
 Probability  Application of Differentiation
 Permutations and Combinations  Probability-2
 Complex Number and Quadratic   Equation
 Mathematical Reasoning and   Induction


Preparing for two exams at the same time can be overwhelming, and there will be times when you will find yourself feeling unmotivated and doubting yourself. But remember that you are going on the right path and will reach your destiny soon. We hope that the tips mentioned above will help you navigate through your preparation and assist you in achieving great results. Also, Horizon Academy Best IIT coaching in East Delhi Yamuna Vihar makes their students’ dreams come true you can visit and get a solution to your study problems.


What is the right way to use mock tests?

The correct way to use a mock exam is by assessing the paper after it’s over. Check all the questions and identify the ones you made mistakes in. Open your notes or reference book and mark the topics those questions are based on. During your revision sessions, you must put extra effort into understanding those topics thoroughly so that you do not make mistakes on them again. It is better to get a chance to fix your mistakes before the exam than suffer because of them in the exam hall.

Why is it important to solve the previous year’s exam papers?

Students must solve the previous year’s exam papers for both exams in their free time after they have covered a significant portion of the Syllabus. This will help them get acquainted with the paper pattern of both exams so they can carry on with their preparation accordingly. Trying to cover the Syllabus blindly without having an idea of the type of questions asked in the exam won’t do you any good. 

Is the preparation for JEE enough for boards?

Well, even though the Syllabus for the two exams is similar, the preparation for both is not the same. JEE mainly comprises multiple-choice questions, while board exams have the theory part. For JEE having strong concepts is more important, while for board exams cramming the theory part is the way to go. Therefore, preparation for JEE is not enough for boards.

Can I crack JEE by studying only the 12th Syllabus?

Class 11 and Class 12 syllabi carry almost equal weightage in the JEE Mains Exam. So, to crack the exam, equal importance must be given to both of them. It is impossible to crack JEE Mains Exam by studying only the 12th Class Syllabus as it is highly competitive.

Should I focus on JEE or boards?

A per Horizon Academy Best IIT coaching in East Delhi Yamuna Vihar. It would be best if you give due attention to preparing for both exams, as both are important. The board result certificate will stay with you for life as an important document, while the JEE Exam will make your career dreams come true. The best thing to do is to focus on JEE a month before the board exams and then concentrate completely on the board exams.


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