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How to Prepare for Boards 2024 and CUET at the same time

Prepare for Boards 2024 and CUET: Preparation is not the first step in the journey; first, you need to have a clear understanding of the situation. The CUET Exam Pattern 2024 and the CUET Syllabus 2024 must be known to you. Here’s how to get ready for both the CUET and the boards.

Start Early

The earlier you begin your CUET preparation with boards, the more time you will have to prepare at the same time. Begin your CUET preparations on the first day of your board preparations. 

Language and general tests include aptitude questions that require practice. At the same time, your class 12 syllabus will cover domain subjects. Join Horizon Academy Yamuna Vihar to help you achieve your goals. 

CUET Syllabus 2024 vs. Boards Syllabus

This is essential before beginning your CUET preparations, as you must determine whether-

There is a syllabus that has been deleted or is out of date.

There is a syllabus that will not be posted on bulletin boards.

There is a less important syllabus for boards, but it may carry a lot of weight in CUET.

Begin preparing for the CUET General Test in 2024.

The General Test is an important part of the CUET exam that is not included in the board exam. As a result, this requires special attention while preparing for the board exam.

In any case, you will study for the domain-based and language subjects for the board exam. However, you will need to pay close attention to the General test. 

Quantitative Ability

Logical Thinking

Current Events

Non-math students can usually ignore the Quantitative Aptitude section while focusing on LR and CA. Students who choose the applied math section must also prioritize Quantitative Aptitude made by experienced teachers, such as those at the Horizon Academy in Yamuna Vihar 

Make time for both the boards and the CUET in 2024.

Determine whether the subject and college you want to attend have a GT section. 

Divide your study time into halves. Begin with board preparations and then progress to mocks of related topics; this way, you will cover both boards and domain subject CUET questions. 

When you set aside a day for CUET preparations, make sure to complete language and GT mocks together. 

Class 12 preparations will aid in CUET preparations.

NCERT is your holy book.

Most boards use NCERT textbooks, and your CUET paper includes NCERT textbook concepts. 

scoring 100% is possible if you thoroughly practice NCERT.

Practice mock tests every week

Mock exams are held every week beginning at the start of the academic year in Horizon Best CUET institute in Yamuna Vihar. Make a schedule of the topics that will be covered. When you have finished studying a concept, begin practicing mocks. 

Take note that your preparations are insufficient unless you practice as many mocks as possible! 

Decide on Objective over Subjective.

It would be preferable if you had experience writing objective answers in class 11 so that you could present a subjective response. So, start answering objective-type questions to prepare for the CUET. Solve Horizon Academy CUET in Yamuna Vihar objective papers every week to understand the pattern of the exam.

Final Thought 

Horizon Academy is Exclusively Available for Cuet in Yamuna Vihar. if you want to prepare for the CUET exam and if you are living in North East Delhi Horizon Academy best for CUET Institute in Yamuna Vihar can be the best option for preparing for cuet exam.   



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