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Its Time To Prepare 10th And 12th Board Exams Effectively 

Horizon Academy Neet and Jee Coaching in Yamuna Vihar East Delhi want to say to our students now you don’t have much time so start studying harder as much as you can. All Education Boards are ready to conduct the yearly examinations. Millions of students are appearing in the 10th Class on State Boards. Almost all of the students are busy with exam preparation. On examination days, students generally take too much pressure. Later they become haunted by Mental Stress, Tension, Anxiety, and various other problems which cause chaos. A similar question is also arising in the mind of all students: How to Prepare for the 10th Board Exam? To solve this problem, we are discussing the SSC/ 10th Board Exam Preparation Tips 2023 nowhere, but here. We recommend all students refer to the better way to Prepare for the 10th Board Exams. So our next-generation leaders scroll this page and get the 10th Exam Preparation Strategy.

Set up small milestones for example 2 topics per day from every subject and try to finish them in the decided deadline. Follow this rule every day and your syllabus will be finished soon. It is a very effective Trick for Class 10th and 12th students.

Don’t leave any topic! That might be the most important part of the question paper, we never know. Here are some tricks to cover all the topics during your study.

Preparation Tips for Board Exams 2023

  • students must collect efficient and latest Study Material.
  • Start the study from scratch of the syllabus.
  • Always prefer Exam Syllabus and modules.
  • Attempt regular Class Lectures.
  • Make Self-Study on a Regular Basis.
  • Acquire activity-based learning to understand the concept well.
  • Always make Revisions to the topic which you read last.
  • Refer to Sample Papers and Previous Year Papers
  • Prefer the books recommended by the State Board.
  • Don’t just focus only on books; explore some educational videos and activities.
  • Practice sample papers and previous year’s papers with speed.

How to Attempt 10th Board Paper 2023

  • While giving the Board exam students must attempt the Question Paper with a free and calm mind. They should take away their books approximately one hour before the exam starts and make their mind fresh.
  • Take the first 15 minutes to read the whole question paper carefully.
  • Don’t think too much about the toughest question. Go step by Step.
  • Give more priority to the question which you know and can define very well.
  • Write a question Paper in Neat and Clean Language and Handwriting.
  • At last, revise all answers twice and submit the Answer Sheet.

All State Boards publish the Exam Time Table by the month of December and conduct the exam by the end of February or start of the March. students can easily qualify for these exams with effective exam preparation.

Modify Yourself  Subject Wise Learning Attitude

Worrying about Mathematics? The best tip to learn mathematics is through practice. Similarly, different subjects require different Preparation Tips for the 12th Board Exam. Some of the steps on how to develop effective learning-

  • Don’t write things that require learning such as History, Geography, Hindi, and English.
  • Practice subjects with data such as Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and topics with diagrams, and flow charts.
  • Write and learn the topic such as meaning and definitions.
Avoid Hesitation and Laziness and Stop Waisting You Time

Laziness is the biggest threat to success. It is not that the students don’t make a timetable but the fact is that they somehow fail to follow it and remain unprepared for the exams at the last. The only Tips for Class 12 Board Exams to overcome it are by pushing your limits and comfort zone. Being in a discipline that ‘You have to do it and you must do it’ can only take you to the upper staircase of achievement.

Time Management

Through proper time management, you can make good marks, divide your time properly among the questions, and get sufficient free time and revision time. Make a timetable that is balanced and capable of following it.

Strategies to Score More Than 90% Marks in 12th & 10th Board Exam 2023

  • Defeat Yourself: It’s You Vs You. Fight with your Laziness and Comfort Zone.
  • Don’t underestimate English, especially CBSE students
  • Don’t get panic
  • The night before the exam- Sleep earlier as much as possible, and take a long sleep.
  • You have prepared for the board exam for an entire year and the hours of examination time are the last moments of those subjects in the 12th class, so do not let them go. Use these hours as much as possible in a good way.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to leave the examination hall after completing your exam, wait until the time gets over. Cross-check your answer sheet twice.
  • Add more important and catchy points to the question carrying more marks.


Follow the extra easy steps to get well-prepared for the exam

  • Self Study is the Best Option.
  • Don’t study continuously, take a break and refresh yourself.
  • Always take a proper Diet and keep hydrated.
  • Don’t take any type of Stress.
  • Also, listen to music and do yoga to relax your mind.
  • Take proper deep sleep of 8-9 hours.

Horizon Academy Neet and Jee Coaching Institute In Yamuna Vihar East Delhi brought some points which can help you to Prepare 10th And 12th Board Exams Effectively so that you can start a new journey after you get your results as a responsible Medical and Engineering Coaching in Yamuna vihar East Delhi it is our duty to write something effective for our students. How You Can Find Us

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