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How To Prepare For IIT JEE Advanced In 1 Month 

IIT JEE is considered one of the toughest exams, but cracking it is easier than people say. Many students face this problem because they must prepare for board exams and IIT jee. However, cracking the JEE exam is relatively easy with proper preparation and dedication.

But, this journey of students from 12th to IIT is the most difficult. However, there are tips for completing the preparation, following which you can overcome the challenges mentioned above and many other hurdles. We have given some tips for self-study for Jee Advanced, which will help you to crack IIT JEE and Prepare For IIT JEE Advanced In 1 Month.

IIT JEE Preparation Tips by Toppers

  1. Plan your studies well

Make a study plan for yourself. It organizes the topics to be covered in all your subjects. You can use a digital calendar and assign themes based on your left hours.

  • Prepare to study for at least 8 hours daily
  • Assign a difficult subject with an easy subject.
  • Include maths subject in your daily study.
  • solve daily physics questions
  • It would help if you had a timetable, but it is very important to have a ready study plan for IIT JEE.
  1. Books: The Great Saviour

Your books are very important for you regarding one-month preparation for JEE Advanced. With comprehensive textbooks in the market, choosing the right books for JEE Main or Advanced can be difficult. But NCERT books prove to be very important in preparation for JEE Advanced. Continue your studies with these books.

You can also opt for prescribed standard textbooks by opting out of NCERT books. If these books are studied properly, you can complete your jee preparation in 2 months.

You can read books

  • Physics- Concept of Physics by HC Verma
  • Mathematics – Problems in IIT Maths Plus by A Das Gupta
  • Chemistry – Arihant Master Resource Book for JEE


  1. Take Mock Tests

The best way to prepare for JEE advances is by regularly solving previous years’ papers and taking mock tests.

  • You will be familiar with the exam pattern of IIT JEE
  • It can help you manage time properly
  • It improves your speed and accuracy
  • Helps you to enhance the level of learning


  1. Study When You Want

Different students have different abilities. Similarly, all are not the same; if someone is active, then someone will be lazy, also. Initially, some remain just insects of studies; some are also dark rangers. Those who keep studying till late at night. 

To know yourself, study when you are most active, as your mind will be most active at that time; this will be the best way for you to crack IIT JEE.

Get a well-organized study plan

You’ll be able to balance all your subjects and independent study with a well-organized study plan.

Candidates must have complete knowledge about JEE Advanced syllabus and exam pattern on the official website of the exam conducting organization. Candidates should prepare for JEE Advanced exam with a systematic approach.

Students should take out at least 3 to 4 hours while giving time for their studies. The best way to prepare for jee advanced scheme is to cover all your topics thoroughly. To crack it on the first attempt, discuss it with your professor and understand all your questions properly.

Choose a reputed institute

Join an institute to cover and master your preparation for JEE Advanced thoroughly. 

Coaching institutes in Yamuna Vihar allow you to hone your preparation with expert tutors. Understand all the topics and subjects of JEE thoroughly and try to do them at home.

The better your preparation, the higher your chances of performing well in the exam. The Academy in Yamuna Vihar Ji works hard to groom students to a high standard and give them good marks to perform well in their field.


While you need a well-organized study plan to do well in the JEE Advanced exam, you also need some tips and tricks to help you make a good study plan. Read this article thoroughly to learn the tips for Jee’s advanced exam.

Remember, for these competitive exams, you need a mentor who can guide you on the right path and motivate you to score good marks. Coaching Center in Yamuna Vihar provides mentorship and prepares you for Prepare For JEE Advanced by expert coaches.



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