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How to Avoid Negative Marking in NEET

Avoid Negative Marking: All competitive examinations conducted in India follow the MCQ-based pattern. MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) are a very popular assessment and all competitive exams follow this format. It is used in competitive examinations to test the candidate’s knowledge, reasoning ability, accuracy and speed of answering questions.

However, students face many challenges in solving multiple choice questions in competitive exams, one of which is the challenge of negative marking which is faced by almost all students. Negative marking is a scoring scheme in which if you give a wrong answer, one mark will be deducted from your total marks. 

To avoid this, I have told you some tips in this article. Within this we will discuss some practical suggestions to avoid negative marking in competitive exams.

Negative Marking in Competitive NEET Exam

Negative marking is a scoring scheme adopted in all competitive exams in which marks are deducted for wrong answers. This means that if you give a wrong answer, your assigned marks will be deducted from the total marks obtained by giving the correct answer.

Since negative marking in NEET can reduce your total marks to a great extent, students would not want to answer any question wrongly in the sheet, even if they do not know the answer to the question.

The advice on avoiding negative marking in NEET is provided below. You adhere to them

Carefully read the questions

During competitive exams, candidates feel overwhelmed with exam pressure and anxiety due to which students commit many common mistakes. One of those mistakes is that at the time of examination, students answer the question due to not understanding or reading the question properly. 

Due to which their answer is considered negative, due to which they have to face the challenge of negative marking. So you are advised to read every question carefully as it is very important for you.

Avoid Guesswork

While attempting competitive exams, students also make a mistake due to which their written answers are also considered wrong. That mistake is guessing due to which the exam may become mandatory and there is also a possibility that you will have to face negative marking in the NEET exam. If you are not sure about the answer, then guessing and writing will be a waste of your time, hence you should consider it wise to attempt another answer.

Keep Calm and Stay Focused

Keep yourself as calm as possible during the exam. Studying under stress can make you commit various mistakes, so it would be best for you to keep yourself calm. If you are feeling stressed, then take deep breaths and try to relax yourself. Focus on your exam because by focusing on one thing, you will be able to give correct answers and avoid negative marking. Remember that poor marking is very important in NEET because if your marks are deducted more due to this, then there is a possibility of your total marks getting reduced.

Ignore Doubting Questions

While attempting competitive exams like NEET you also come across problems about which you yourself are not even sure, so in such cases you should avoid guessing as it leads you towards negative marking in NEET exam, It is also called minus marking in NEET exam. If you answer a question that you are not sure about, then there are higher chances that you will face negative marking in the NEET exam.

Practice Mock Test

Practice is very important in NEET which is a more competitive exam which saves you from negative marking in NEET exam. So give as many mock tests as you can and pay attention to your mistakes and try to correct them. For any question you are not sure it is the right answer until you reach the right answer. Doing this will save you from negative marking in a more difficult and competitive exam like NEET and help you crack the exam.

Preparation is important to avoid negative marking

It is very important for you to be prepared to avoid negative marking because if your preparation for the exam is correct then you will be able to avoid negative marking in the NEET exam. It is very important to have an environment for preparation, for this you can also join any coaching center. 

NEET Yamuna Vihar Coaching Center helps you in preparing for the exam and here you will also get an environment where you will find many students from your area among whom you will be able to prepare properly. Expert teachers are also available here to solve your doubts.


It is important to avoid negative marking in NEET to maximize your score. Remember to read the questions carefully, remove obviously wrong options and manage your time effectively during the exam. Use intelligent guesswork only when you can narrow down the options. Regular practice and mock tests can help improve your accuracy. Follow these strategies to reduce negative marks and increase your chances of success in NEET.


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