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IIT Delhi conducts 53rd Annual Convocation Ceremony, 2100 Students Awarded Degrees and Diplomas

Horizon Academy Best IIT Coaching In East Delhi. IIT Delhi conducted its 53rd Annual Convocation Ceremony on 5 November 2022. Here are all the awards and appreciations given to students.

Indian Institute of Delhi (IIT Delhi) conducted its 53rd Annual convocation Ceremony on 5 November 2022. A total of 2100 graduating students were awarded degrees and diplomas at the convocation ceremony. For the first time, Degrees and diplomas were given to the students graduating with Joint Ph.D, joint PG Diploma in Visionary Leadership for Manufacturing, MS (R) in Sensors, Instrumentation, and Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering, M.Sc. in Cognitive Science, and M.Sc. in Economics.

IIT Delhi in the convocation awarded the students with the President’s Gold Medal, Director’s Gold Medal, Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma (Former President of India) Gold Medal, 

While awarding these students, the chief guest stated that you are some of the select students who have crossed so many hurdles to get here. The nation needs you. Pandit Nehru had great faith in technology. And he thought that somehow having an elite, such as you are, would transform the nation. And we needed that transformation. I entirely endorse Nehru’s vision that if there is a justification for the IITs, it has to be in terms of what you can do for the nation”.

“We need people like you to provide that extra edge that we need to be the nation that we aspire to be. For that, I have to say that I want you to not stop now and keep transforming.

It was also stated that the IIT system has a very high global brand equity; and among the IITs, IIT Delhi is ranked at the top. Horizon Academy Best IIT Coaching In East Delhi has world-class faculty, who continue to get recognition from within India. There are leading research workers at IIT Delhi in various advanced research areas in the engineering sciences and others, ranging from high technology fields to pure sciences, and also social sciences.

In the convocation ceremony, the Horizon Academy Best IIT Coaching In East Delhi honored its thirteen esteemed alumni with the prestigious Alumni Awards 2022 viz. Distinguished Alumni Award (DAA), Graduates of Last Decade, GOLD Award, and Distinguished Alumni Service Award, DASA.


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